Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Snow flurries, now snow BLIZZARD!!

The official word from Bob Burnham, MTW missionary in Odessa, "This is not ordinary!" when told that we thought snow was in Kiev not in Odessa.

Pictures are of the Odessa Opera house, "on the street where we live", the pit where the bldg use to be next to the McDonalds on the walking street, and miscellaneous pics of our short 45 minute struggle through the snow from our flat to the Opera House and back. Many who have lived in snow may say this is nothing but for a Florida girl and Virginia guy - WOW!!

We will not be able to get to the orphanage today!! Please pray for Erin and Jake as they leave Thursday afternoon at 3 PM flying to Chicago, then Warsaw and then into Odessa, at least that is our plan. Pray for their safety and peace of mind flying into this weather. THANKS!!

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